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Membership Benefits
Exciting Benefits at the Frisco School of Music
Your Yearly Membership provides savings and added benefits for YOU, our valued FSMPA students, and takes care of all yearly lesson expenses, plus performances and events, towards your total experience at our School.
Discounts on Weekly Lessons and More...
Multi-Series Discount
Sibling/Family Discount
Private Lesson Discount
Group Class Discount 
Pre-Registration Discount
Full Yearly Tuition Payment Discount
All Music Books
• Lesson Books
• Performance Books
• Theory Books
• Workbooks
• Note Spellers
• Seasonal Books
• Technique/Scale Books
• Repertoire Books
• Assignment Books
• Sheet Music
• Warm-up Folders
• Fake Books
• Accompaniment and Karaoke CD’s
• Tabs, Lyric Sheets, Charts, Lead Sheets
All Acting/Art/Musical Theatre Materials
• Artist Worksheets
• Drama Worksheets
• Theatre Worksheets
• Performance Books 
• Play Books/Scripts
• Assignment Books
• Sheet Music & Music Scores 
• Warm-up Folders
• Accompaniment and Karaoke CD's
 All Supplies
• Metronome
• Tuner
• Strings (for student owned instrument)
• Foot Stool
• Drum Sticks
• Flash Cards
• Violin/Viola Shoulder Rest
• Rosin (one per student per year)
 All School Activities
• Concerts
• Events
• Theory Test
• Achievement Graduation Judged Event
• Performances 
• Shows
• Costume Rental
 All Student Awards
• Medals
• Certificates
• Ribbons
• Incentive Stickers
• Practice Club Weekly Prizes
• Mega Gift Card Prize Drawings
• 5 Year Study Trophy
• 10 Year Study Trophy
Unlimited Make-up Lessons/Classes:
Master Class Make-up Workshops are held 10 times per year on Saturdays.
Several time options available. Acting, Art, Dance and Musical Theatre Makeup classes are offered 6 times per year on Saturdays.
You can make-up a missed lesson in any workshop to try out other instruments/classes.
Private Students – no additional charges for participation or music books
• Four “Coffee House Music Shows” Per Year
     Perform a Solo for your Friends and Family
• Two “BAND BLOWOUT” Concerts
     Perform at a High Energy Concert
     (additional tuition)
• Theory Test
• Achievement Graduation Judged Event
• Faculty and Honor Student Concert
Free FSMPA T-Shirt
• Unlimited Make-Up Workshops
Group Class Students – no additional charges for participation or music books
• Six Yearly “Group Students Performance Weeks”
• Musicfest - perform a solo at our Talent Show
• Theory Test
• Free Tickets to “Coffee House Music Shows”
• Free Tickets to Faculty/Honor Student Concert
• Free FSMPA T-Shirt
• Unlimited Master Class Make-Up Workshops
Acting/Art/ Musical Theatre Students – no additional charges for participation
• Six Yearly “Group Students Performance Weeks”
• Three "Celebration of the Arts Variety Shows"
• Free Tickets to All FSPA Performances
• Free Tickets to “Coffee House Music Shows"
• Free Tickets to “Band Blowout” Performances
• Free Tickets to Faculty/Honor Student Concert
• Free FSMPA T-Shirt
• Unlimited Master Class Make-Up Workshops
Most students stay at our School for four years or more, and become intermediate and advanced students.
Personal success and a joy of making music and the arts for a lifetime, for each student, is our goal.
And, if you are looking ahead at college entrance applications, listing musical/arts performances and years of study sets our students apart from the crowd!
We look forward to many great years of music making with you and your family.
FOUR or MORE SERIES                $400

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9255 Preston Rd, Frisco, TX, 75033, United States
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